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Note to Self

By Jackie Sue Griffin, MBA, MS When you write me, it will speak of tales of today, tomorrow and ever after. Describing persimmon trees, pecans, and pumpernickel smells wrapped in salty waves and crusty shores baking in the sun. You ask, “what shore?” I respond, “it depends on where we...

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The Fire Within

By Peter McCarthy Everything sets my soul on fire, but my spirit kills the fire with water, and the water is my brain and my thoughts. Negative. Confused. A daily battle only one wish would be to handle or dismantle. It’s an elusion and delusion and a trap without a...

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The Definition of Success

By Sylvie Griffiths: Two weeks ago, I earned my Master’s in Business Administration and marched in the local campus graduation ceremony. My program was accelerated which involved a full MBA program within 12 months. The hybrid structure of classes allowed for one weekend of classes a month and roughly 25...

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Who Am I?

By Peter McCarthy: I am smart, talented and funny. I am a con man not living a con. I am a wise man not using my wits. I am above average intelligence basked by the ism of life. I am a work in progress and confused but not really confused....

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Intimate Partner Violence Education

By Jackie Sue Griffin, MBA, MS As advocates, servant leaders and spiritual healers, we should remain aware, proactive and empathetic towards the situation of others. We should refrain from judgment, or microaggressions, including passive-aggressive behavior. In regards to Intimate Partner Violence (including incidents of physical abuse, emotional abuse, and stalking),...

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Domestic Violence Awareness

By Sylvie Griffiths: Although October is technically domestic violence awareness month, recent events with a dear friend have influenced this blog. When someone we love is treated poorly, it is human nature to want to protect them in any way we can. A lunch out with conversation so they can...

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Back to School

By Sylvie Griffiths: Today is the second day of school in our area as well as my transgender son, Jake’s birthday. Last year, I also wrote about my anxiety dealing with the kid’s back to school. Again, I can’t believe that was a year ago. Yesterday, I completed my graduate...

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The Anxiety of Starting Over

By Sylvie Griffiths: Giving your children lousy news is something we as parents dread. This is a part of life, sure, but it’s a challenging and heartbreaking. Recently, my four children have been given news that their grandma has dangerous cancer, two of their closest non-relative family members are leaving...

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By Sylvie Griffiths: As parents, we want the world for our children. Additionally, we want the world to cherish, accept, and love them as we do. Our dreams for our children are more significant and brighter than our own. So, what do we do when adversity strikes? I remember being...

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Sharing My True Self

By Sylvie Griffiths: Recently, I had an interview with a local LGBTQ publication about my blogs. The experience was everything; stressful, fun, exciting, and new. I always have anxiety related to talking about myself in any setting, but the interviewer was terrific. I felt comfortable and enjoyed the experience. Jake,...

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