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Bragging Rights

By Sylvie Griffiths: When you are a parent, your bragging knows no limits. Even if you only have fur babies, I know you just chuckled. Even the most modest introverted individuals will grab the mic to talk about their magical children. I am most proud of my family and the...

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The Good Samaritan: Protector, Preacher, Teacher

By Jackie Sue Griffin, MBA, MS Following the recent passing of my father, I have spent several weeks reflecting on how much he influenced me and shaped me as a person and Servant Leader. It is because of his influence that I have dedicated my life to community service and...

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Father’s Day

By Sylvie Griffiths: I look exactly like my father. Thanks to modern facial waxing, I do not have to suffer his facial hair, but otherwise, we could be twins. Now, as a parent myself, I understand how hilarious genetics can be. However, my father and my shared genetics have not...

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Sad Days

By Sylvie Griffiths: When a celebrity commits suicide, the topic of mental illness is finally featured globally in the press. Last week, with the deaths of both Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, I had seen more in the news about mental illness than I do all year. As a person...

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Parenting A Parent

By Sylvie Griffiths, MBA candidate, BIS A month ago, my mother told me she has cancer. The very next thing she said, in true mom form was, “everything will be fine.” Today, my sister and I accompanied her to an important doctor’s appointment. Mom has had test after test, including...

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Summer Break

By Sylvie Griffiths: As a parent, summer break sends me into a state of panic. Will the kids have fun on our tight budget? Will my youngest survive being the only family member attending mandatory summer school? Will I lose my mind attempting to keep them entertained while I work...

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By Sylvie Griffiths: Last weekend my family was invited by my former employer to join the festivities for Tampa Pride. Jake, our youngest, was on the float representing HIV care related services in Pinellas County. There were thousands of people in attendance, and it was indeed a beautiful day. And...

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Take Care of Yourself, Moms

By Sylvie Griffiths: Sunday, May 13 is the annual holiday dedicated to Moms. And yet, for most us Moms, Mother’s Day is another day of raising our kids, feeding pets, grocery shopping, laundry, cooking, and cleaning. Our to-do list, as matriarchs, is never-ending. Moms are almost celebrated for their selflessness,...

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By Sylvie Griffiths: I am in the process of getting my second divorce. This, above so many other emotions swirling in my mind, is a deep, gut-wrenching disappointment to me. My soon to be ex-husband and I have tried to make it work for nearly a decade, but recently made...

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Conference Night

By Sylvie Griffiths: For most of us parents, conference nights or scheduled parent-teacher conferences can send us into an anxious state. Although we love our kids, we are fully aware that they are not perfect. These face to face interactions are scheduled when there is an issue the educator wishes...

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