“Each day provides an opportunity
to turn lives around.”

Our Vision

Diverse, inclusive, and integrated systems of care.

Designed for non-profits, foundations,
and government agencies

Turnaround Life, Inc. works

to continuously turn problems, deficits, and barriers around within human service systems that
serve people living with disease, conflict, addiction, disability, or educational hardship.

Our Mission

To design and evaluate systems and programs that help people turn their lives around.



Turnaround Life’s program developers serve on national work-groups, peer review panels, and strategic planning committees.


Our evaluation experts advance program outcomes by facilitating all phases of the evaluation process- design, data collection, synthesis, analysis, and reporting- to reflect our mixed-methods capabilities and adherence to scientific rigor.


Our professional educators provide training and technical assistance on many topics, including trauma-informed service delivery models, how to address disparities in health and human services, how to develop strategic plans and fiscal sustainability, and how to improve system of care services.

Capacity Building

Capacity building experts help health and human services organizations to expand and enhance programs. We work with administrators and staff to develop model policies, peer networks, and community collaborations.

Core Values

• Continuously Improve Quality
• Eliminate Disparities
• Expand Collaborative Networks
• Promote Resilience
• Uphold Cultural and Linguistic Competence



Our work spans early childhood and child development, educational leadership, educational technology, professional development for adult learners, and special education.

Workforce Development

We build and sustain learning organizations through professional workforce development. We match organizational needs with expert consultants, provide training and technical assistance to enhance staff skills and competencies, and share examples and lessons learned from many successful programs.

Systems of Care

Our work advances the integration of behavioral health, primary care, and social services. Systems experience includes a wide range of human services programs.


Our work addresses behavioral health services, chronic disease prevention and treatment, health disparities elimination, health policy development, health and wellness promotion, integrated care, recovery-oriented systems of care, social determinants of health, and trauma-informed care.