The Benefits of AI in Nonprofits

By Peter Gamache, Ph.D. & Jackie Sue Griffin, MBA, MS, Turnaround Life, Inc.

As computer science is advancing, so is our ability to adjust the new technological advancements to our needs. Artificial Intelligence or AI is among the most exciting developments since it is already being used on websites and social media. For example, you might have noticed chatbots showing up everywhere, and automated messages responding to you on Facebook.

This digital transformation is going to impact all aspects of our lives very soon. The use of AI doesn’t mean that robots will rise like something in a science fiction story — but it does mean that it’s working and likely here to stay. Like most other organizations, nonprofits can also make use of AI to make their processes more efficient and cut the costs of running the organization. Let’s have a closer look at the benefits of AI in nonprofits:

Process Automation

A distinct advantage of AI is having a tireless worker 24/7 that helps you automate your processes — even those that are time-consuming or difficult.

Additionally, cognitive automation of machine learning can be helpful in many ways, especially when you need to go through a lot of data quickly. With AI you can automatize various processes, from screening new candidates to monitoring financial transactions. It saves time, costs, and allows the humans within the organizations to focus their talents on what they do best instead of being buried in tasks that can be automated.

Better Engagement via Bots

When it comes to engagement, a crucial aspect of running a nonprofit, AI can be extremely helpful. Sometimes our lives move at breakneck speed, and it’s hard to keep up the pace and be in touch with the staff within the nonprofit, outside donors and interested individuals. Chatbots can help communicate with all of them, answering questions quickly and directly. Nonprofits can also use chatbots to automate the fundraising process, creating a system where donors can process donations and make requests via chatbots. That way you are keeping people engaged while reducing administrative costs and reaping the benefits with instant responses to any query.

Cognitive Insights

One of the best things about AI is that it can learn. It’s smart in its natural way. The ability of AI to look at data, understand it and extract the insights you need might be one of its most valuable assets.

Most nonprofits have a mass of information from their previous activities and fundraisers. AI can help you look at specific donors, identify their contribution patterns based on when and how they donated in the past and which actions led up to it. Information like this helps nonprofits optimize their donor acquisitions and come up with a process that would lead interested parties into donating more smoothly. It allows you to better track and predicts your fundraising, as well as identify where it might be improved and how.

The future is fast approaching, and AI is leading the charge into a better and more efficient tomorrow. All organizations can make use of the advantages and benefits that AI offers, including nonprofits.

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