Four Easy Ways Nonprofits Can Say Thank You This Holiday Season

By Peter Gamache, Ph.D. & Jackie Sue Griffin, MBA, MS, Turnaround Life, Inc.

A nonprofit organization can hardly go wrong by thanking a donor or a volunteer. Some might say that without voicing or showing your appreciation to those that aid your cause, you’re stunting your potential growth.

Once the holiday season starts, many of us stop and think about things for which we are grateful. This holiday season is the perfect time to thank your organization’s donors for their continued support. Here are four easy ways nonprofits can say thank you:

Post-Donation Landing Page

Your organization’s website is the best place to start saying thank you to those who have supported your cause. A convenient way to do that is to build a landing page that will finalize the donation-giving process in style. After the donation, send the contributors to the landing page that thanks them for their support. Alternatively, you could set up a stewardship section on your website with a similar result. If you honor your large-scale donors and broadcast your thankfulness to anyone who stops by, it will be a great way to show how much you care and how much these donations mean to your nonprofit.

Different Thank You Notes for Different Donors

You might be thanking all of your donors with the same message, which isn’t inherently wrong. However, being more personal is always a positive thing, and you can accomplish that with your thank-you letters. It won’t be the same each time, but you should always the person or an organization that donates regularly as well as someone who makes their first gift. Add a personal touch when you’re praising a long-time donor, and the gesture will be received better. Again, showing that you appreciate and care for your supporters as much as you care for your cause is the ultimate goal.

Send a Customized Gift

It’s not only words that you have at your disposal as a way of showing appreciation. Some donors might prefer gifts and promotional items, as a way of showing they support a specific cause. If you’re sending welcome packages to your first-time supporters, this might be an excellent opportunity to include a free item or two with your nonprofit’s brand.

Help Supporters Connect with Your Organization

For supporters that wish to feel more involved, it is a good idea to organize events that will help them build a connection with your organization. An obvious example would be to invite them to tour your facility to offer them a peek at the workings behind the scenes. Seeing how much hard work goes into operating a nonprofit is sure to engage any donor and make them truly understand how appreciated their contributions are.

Also, including champions for your nonprofit in testimonial videos on your website and social media channels, such as YouTube, is a great way to connect your supporters to your organization.

Saying thank you to your supporters is something you shouldn’t skip if you wish the Nonprofit to fulfill its potential. For more nonprofit guidance and advice, visit the Turnaround Life, Inc. website and help us achieve our mission of assisting organizations and programs that support people in turning their lives around.