#Love for Prevention

A Message from the Turnaround Team Turnaround Life’s February campaign is from the heart. February 17th is National Random Acts of Kindness Day. This special day is celebrated nationally to encourage a random act of kindness or a selfless act performed by individuals to help, support, or cheer up a...

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Turning Points: Parenting a Transgender Child Part 2

By Sylvie Griffiths: When you are raising a child you always have some turning points while parenting. Decent grades turn below average and a new crowd of sketchy friends is joined. Puberty, which is enough to get its own sentence! There are so many times, basically, that our kids surprise...

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Acceptance: Parenting a Transgender Child

By Sylvie Griffiths: I am certain all parents have anxiety, to some extent, when it comes to their children (fur babies count as well). The stereotypical “worrying mom” is me. It took me years to admit this out loud and I have come to accept there should not be shame...

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Each Day Provides an Opportunity to Turn Lives Around

By Jackie Sue Griffin, MBA, MS, BA: The New Year celebration is a wonderful time to reflect on our core spiritual values that shape our humanity. Have you ever asked yourself, “How will I be remembered?” At Turnaround Life, we celebrate our core values through living by power of example,...

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Starting Over with Empowerment

By Sylvie Griffiths: Going back to school 12 years after completing half of my undergraduate studies was not an easy endeavor. To say things had changed since my last attempt at college would be an understatement. My first day of classes as a junior at a major university was almost...

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Living with Mental Illness

By Sylvie Griffiths: “It might cause a systemic rash.” These were the words my newish psychiatrist was using to describe possible side effects of my new medications she prescribed for me to take daily. She had just told me that I could be within the bipolar spectrum; news I could...

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Resiliency: Jake’s World

By Sylvie Griffiths: A trip to the beach would open my eyes to what my baby needed, even though it was right before my eyes. This begins the tale of Jake’s World. My eight year old son was born biologically female. We named her a girly name that we do...

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Resiliency: A mother’s back to school story

By: Sylvie Griffiths The irony of counting down the days until summer break is fully realized by the last two weeks of summer. My four kids have become beyond annoying; not only to each other and us as their parents, but I truly think to themselves as well! For the...

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