By Jackie Sue Griffin, MBA, MS

I feel your boot against my throat
and your ego pressing on my breast.
Still, I breathe.
Sit in silence as I release the pressure between my thighs.
Silky smooth and sweet.
I will not thank you for being cruel.
It does not inspire.
You did not make me stronger.
Your Death Star signal is lost in space.
I cannot hear you.
Radio home.
Find a new channel.
Your rage is not directed at me.
I refuse it.
Rebirth and bathe in milk and honey.
Find your way home.
Or, remain a little child lost.
A mixed up Ferris wheel that never stops torturing those you claim to love –
round and round spin your mind games.



About Jackie Sue Griffin, MBA, MS:

Jackie Griffin is Business Owner and Executive Director of Jackie Sue Griffin & Associates, LLC. She holds 27 years of experience in community development, strategic planning, grant and business development, advocacy, sustainability, and coalition leadership. She has procured more than $71 million for nonprofits and the health and human service industry in Florida, New Orleans, Mississippi, and Virginia. She has served as adjunct faculty for Springfield College teaching graduate and undergraduate students for 16 years.