Note to Self

By Jackie Sue Griffin, MBA, MS

When you write me,
it will speak of tales of today, tomorrow and ever after.

Describing persimmon trees, pecans, and pumpernickel smells wrapped in salty waves and crusty shores baking in the sun.

You ask, “what shore?”

I respond, “it depends on where we land, and how often we delay our arrival.”


About Jackie Sue Griffin, MBA, MS:

Jackie Griffin is Business Owner and Executive Director of Jackie Sue Griffin & Associates, LLC.  She holds 27 years of experience in community development, strategic planning, grant and business development, advocacy, sustainability, and coalition leadership. She has procured more than $71 million for nonprofits and the health and human service industry in Florida, New Orleans, Mississippi, and Virginia. She has served as adjunct faculty for Springfield College teaching graduate and undergraduate students for 16 years.