Intimate Partner Violence Education

By Jackie Sue Griffin, MBA, MS

As advocates, servant leaders and spiritual healers, we should remain aware, proactive and empathetic towards the situation of others. We should refrain from judgment, or microaggressions, including passive-aggressive behavior.

In regards to Intimate Partner Violence (including incidents of physical abuse, emotional abuse, and stalking), research indicates that the majority of cases go unreported due to the following: (1) Self Doubt; (2) Too Personal; (3) Social Isolation; and (4) Victim Blaming.

Relationship Violence is defined as “when one partner hurts or tries to control or dominate the other partner.” Abuse takes on a variety of forms, it is not just physical; such as emotional, technological, and verbal.

These situations are directly associated with trauma. If trusted allies unintentionally or intentionally “retraumatize” the individuals it is considered Sanctuary Trauma.

Please see additional literature and please educate and empower others.


About Jackie Sue Griffin, MBA, MS:

Jackie Griffin is Business Owner and Executive Director of Jackie Sue Griffin & Associates, LLC.  She holds 27 years of experience in community development, strategic planning, grant and business development, advocacy, sustainability and coalition leadership. She has procured more than $71 million for nonprofits and the health and human service industry in Florida, New Orleans, Mississippi, and Virginia. She has served as adjunct faculty for Springfield College teaching graduate and undergraduate students for 16 years.