February 2017 Newsletter

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Turnaround Life is a nonprofit with the sole mission of helping other small businesses and nonprofits help people turn their lives around. We work with nonprofit organizations and agencies that are committed to creating better, safer and healthier communities, programs and services.

The more we can assist organizations, the more empowered they are to help others. We created Turnaround Life because we’ve experienced first-hand the value of education and the need for integrated health and behavioral healthcare systems. We wanted to give nonprofits, foundations, agencies, and organizations a chance to enhance and sustain effective service delivery with evidence-based practices, data-informed evaluation and expanded grant opportunities.

Our Turnaround Life team integrates itself into every facet of an organization’s service delivery strengthening internal planning and expanding stakeholder participation in the community. Collectively, we help you spread a renewed hope and sustained investment in human services. We work with organizations to improve the quality of life for our most vulnerable youth and families populations, including victims of domestic violence, those with HIV/AIDS, those reentering communities from jail, immigrants and refugees.

We develop evidence-based programs, offer grant development and evaluate core services while advocating for improved access, diversity and inclusion ensuring equality, suicide prevention and the overall health and well-being for LGBT populations and individuals suffering from chronic illness, HIV/AIDS and/or depression and addiction.

Now, we’re here to help you. Our clients point to Turnaround Life’s 95% success rate in grant procurement and sustainability centered on rigorous evaluation, evidence-based practices and programs, continuous quality improvement and expertise as reasons for their long-term financial stability.

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